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The official Bearfoot Grounding Commercial

Watch Kitty the Grizzly featured in the official commercial for Bearfoot Grounding mattress scarves.
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Prescription is Earth | Kroschel Films

Watch the "Prescription is Earth " 18 minute Hollywood featurette that entertains you while exploring the exciting science and results before your eyes!

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Free Healing on the Earth
Naturalist / Filmmaker Steve Kroschel briefly migrates from Alaska to the coast of California to explain what a vast number of people can discover that will alter their daily lives!
All of Nature is Grounded and We are Missing Out!
Naturalist/Filmmaker Steve Kroschel explores the last vestiges of wintering habitat of the North American Monarch Butterfly and why this creature, like every single living thing on Earth is Grounded. Human beings, due to an oversight in our rapidly advancing technology, are not grounded.  This sets us back health-wise by a century.
An Ordinary Miracle of the "Lady Next Door"
Steve Kroschel visits Howard Straus. Howard is Dr. Max Gerson's grandson and is an author and Health Radio talk show host. Howard introduces us to someone who shows us that ANYONE who even CASUALLY grounds themselves in the most mundane sort of ways benefits in daily life! And, just like the people of Haines, Alaska, who starred in the feature documentary "The Grounded" , it happens anywhere, to anyone, at any time.
The Incredible Grounding Solution that involves Zero Effort
After five years and three feature documentaries about being Earthed or Grounded, veteran National Geographic filmmaker and naturalist, Steve Kroschel, unites with Laura Koniver, M.D., to offer a simple way to be Grounded.  The Bearfoot Grounding Mattress Panel or Scarf is a resource that Steve shows you how to apply to your bed...and then witness for yourself an "ordinary miracle".

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Photo credits: Nick Jans and Vic Walker, D.V.M.