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Update : January 20th, 2021 : Letter from Rabbi Smith to President Trump and Pence pleading for the arrest of the "Project Warp Speed" vaccines :

UPDATE : January 17th, 2021 : One school in Florida had the courage and intelligence to stick this Covid Lockdown where the sun don't shine. What happened ? :

UPDATE : January 15, 2021 : People in Spain that received simply Vitamin D with Covid basically wiped out the heavy statistical death from this horrendous lab virus :   DO not need a stupid and super dangerous vaccine for this that will kill you within five years after taking it one way or the other... These are dangerous times .

And finally THIS insanity :

UPDATE: January 14th, 2021 : 

1. There is quite a bit of evidence that a major shift in America is about to take place ... For the better . :  Trump will almost certainly have a second term.

2. provides the latest data from 50 states of Mask Mandates vs.  No Mask Mandates  and MORE :

3. Uh, oh, .... and now this just in :

UPDATE: January 13th, 2021 : Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who is a psychiatrist and military operative, and a recurring guest on Alex Jones' show for nearly 20 years. I personally have listened to him  during this time... He is 95% right on all his predictions over this time.. He has DOUBLED DOWN on his predictions regarding TRUMP being President and within the next 7 days all hell is breaking loose :

UPDATE : January 12th, 2021 : The end of freedom has been coming........It was a race against time ; and by January 20th, 2021, they will be coming for all of us :

UPDATE : January 10th, 2021 : My heart drops when I hear of anyone that has received the new Covid-19  shot . Tens of Thousands of physicians are screaming at the top of their lungs, to no avail , and go unheard, { due to a purged social media} , but their message is to  NOT to take this shot . Here's another warning example :

UPDATE: January 9th, 2021 : Lt. General McInerney, provides insights on Corona virus, Election Fraud, etc.,  that are complemented by this channel presenter with great article backup as Lt. General confabulates :

UPDATE : January 8th, 2021 :

1, Freedom , as we knew it , is over. And for , example, any doctor that disagrees or deviates from the "official narrative" will be targeted. Case in point is Dr. Mercola, who I personally have worked with , has, as of today, a sobering piece of news : 

2,  Lifesite News, a Christian news outlet , does an eloquent summation of Election Fraud :

UPDATE: January 7th, 2021 :

1. The "Viking" that stormed the capitol , along with many others, that were on that front line were not Trump supporters but rather disguised as such  :   .

2. Nothing is as it seems on this unfolding saga. Here's another Radical Leftist who spearheaded the breaching of the Capital :

3, Dr. Judy Mikovits,  research scientist that knows the facts behind Covid-19 and these super deadly vaccines states the obvious :

4, Former Attorney General Bill Barr -- turned out to be a corpulent , triple chinned , hideous,  traitorous,  Deep State disappointment to put it mildly.. He stated he saw "no voter fraud" to warrant an investigation. Perhaps part of that reason is that he has millions of dollars in stock in the company that made Dominion Voting machines , among other things :

UPDATE : January 5th, 2021 1. There is very , very, little accountability  in our government. There is little Christian ethics that was the foundation of this country.  And very little clear-mindedness left :

2.  Bill Gates is dimming the sun now ... Has been for quite a while actually :   meantime, how's some of his other vaccination agendas went :

UPDATE : January 4th, 2021 : The Institutional Press or Mainstream Media , is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. It is now their propaganda arm to destroy morality, the family and anything that sustains life . Want a taste of it today ?  :

UPDATE : January 3rd, 2021 : House Democrats offer up "a prayer" , and end the prayer in the most twisted way  :

UPDATE : January 2nd, 2021 : The false and dangerous movement towards socialism that invariably leads to the rape of your entire life going on now in America partly due to the ideological subversion tactics by enemies of  America . So many people have no idea what socialism really means or entails :

2. Here's a good example today in Canada of your privacy invaded and the rape begins :

3. According to WORLDOMETER, over 42 MILLION Babies were slaughtered in 2020 via abortion :

NEW YEAR'S DAY : January 1st, 2021 :

1.Dr. Fauci's viewpoint of the Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine today :

2. The demoralization and ideological subversion of America is on full display in so many way including with the Election . Here's a sample of the chicanery just today :


UPDATE : December 31st, 2020 :

1.KGB's Yuri Bezmenov made a chilling cogent prediction of America circa 1980's. The deceit of Socialism and counterfeit humanitarianism and its inevitable climax  : 

2.  Also, along those lines, reality regarding the Election : 

3. Chinese Corona virus vaccines are super dangerous  as outlined numerous times but listen to Del Bigtree of the HIghwire today :

4. You want to go to a movie ? Fly ? Shop ?

UPDATE : December 30th, 2020 : The Tragedy of the Chinese Coronavirus Bill Gates Agenda :      And whether Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's chief of propaganda  said the famous quote or not : " If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, peope will eventually come to believe it " .. It IS a true statement .. It certainly applies to Lockdowns, CCP Virus, Bill Gates, Vaccines AND the way people are MURDERED VIA INTUBATION in hospitals  including congressman elect Luke Letlow :  Nurses confirm the cause of death is NOT covid but INTUBUATION. ... A common way to kill off people with covid in hospitals for the $ and the statistics.

UPDATE: December 26th, 2020: The Subversion of societies worldwide has as its fuel Godlessness . Communism takes root. This 30 minute documentary on Communism, put together by the Epoch Times is a must watch if you slept through history classes : and , another fantastic aggregation of this Election Degeneracy called "The Plot to Steal America" :

UPDATE : December 25th, 2020 : Dr. Joseph Mercola , in the summer of 2019 , before this insane Bill Gates agenda of the CCP Virus--  posted this video . I strongly suggest you take the time to watch :

UPDATE: December 24th, 2020: The Rockefeller Foundation's "National Covid -19 Action Plan" ,  sees testing, vaccines, and control of humans as an industrial vision with "the virus" as the linchpin : 1. Make bioweapon, 2. Release said virus 3. Implement measures including vaccines 4. Continue incrementally  subtracting human freedom and REPEAT.  So diabolical is this plan { see what nearly happened in France just now : that the masses are following that they are now ahead of schedule :  and then :   and further reading of the World Economic Forum's architectural plans and "Plannedopolis" { which was actually a prescient 'cartoon" shown to school children decades ago } , CLEARLY outlines that biolab virus creations/ cures / lockdowns are here to stay .

UPDATE: December 23rd, 2020 : Study released of over 10 MILLION  people that asymptomatic "covid " carriers  are unabe to transmit anything to others :

UPDATE: December 22nd, 2020 : Rand Paul tried to infuse some courageous logic to what is really killing us : LOCKDOWNS.  Not this Fauci/Gates & Co. bio-creation. Government breaks both your legs and then hands you one kleenex ( $ insulting $600.00 to you and millions to "them")  see Rand's rant : also today, the SICK, TWISTED DECADENCE of our Country in how it blasphemes the genders. There is male and female and that's it.  Hermaphrodites are another matter and exceptionally rare. This is a must read summation :

UPDATE: December 21st, 2020 : Dr. Fauci has vaccinated Santa Claus and says Santa is  "good to go"...and " can deliver your presents".. yet , YOU cannot take off your mask and MUST stay locked down even AFTER YOU take the shot. Nothing has changed- for YOU of course. Similar to the 2 week "flatten the curve" thing way last spring. The zig-zagging has a purpose and  Dr. Joseph Mercola ,  a bold colleague who I have filmed with , lays out the astonishing indoctrination of submission and fear of Covid hysteria with salient links to the studies . Social Distancing OUTSIDE should not be 6 feet , but rather 66 feet --- if on a bicicycle ! ... So what's the point of all of this ? 35,236 medical practitioners as of November  , with  science in hand, have signed a petition to END this impossible Globalist agenda medical science fiction mandness... Read here :

UPDATE : December 20th, 2020 :  "But a Constitution of Government, once changed from Freedom, can never be restored ".  ---- John Adams { 2nd President of the United States} 

 "Liberty once Lost is Lost Forever" --- The amazing headlines the past few days give me hope greater than ever for how this Election will turn out . My colleague Mike Adams has contacts in Government that blow my mind . Hear his podcast analysis today about what is going on with the Election Steal AND the latest Vaccine propaganda ! :  if you don't have time, consider scanning in less than 15 seconds THIS analysis including former NSA Director Bill Binney :

UPDATE: December 19th,2020 : There is a letter about  Covid Vaccine being past around on Social Media by Dr. Frank Shallenberger that echoes the consensus of tens of thousands of medical professionals with pin point scientifically verifiable accuracy, the critical points about the dangers of this Franken-Shot -- similar to Dr. Francis Boyle who is a Bioweapons insider. The letter can be read here :  however, what is more interesting than the letter itself, is the flagrant manner in which the Institutional Press implements fake "fact checker" SNOPES,  to safeguard the Gates / UN/ Globalist Mandate, { especially "The Good Club"}, with the job of trying to discredit Dr. Shallenberger. Read the surreptitious Snopes retort here:    For the record, SNOPES is a discredited fact checking front .  The founders are psychopathic fraudsters ... I've posted about Snopes in previous entries... Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has readership in the millions, { and someone I personally have worked with } , today writes the REAL agenda with people that have nothing to hide :

Update # 2 : December 18th, 2020 : MASK WEARING explained by OSHA experts with Del Bigtree of the HIghwire : also, filmmaker Jaymie Icke premieres a timely documentary on the sinister push of the Covid-19 vaccine:

UPDATE : December 18th, 2020 : Dr. Judy Mikovits, a renowned research scientist who worked alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci decades ago and exposed his unethical works, spoke to Dr. Joseph Mercola {who I personally have worked with } in early May about the correlation between the nefarious annual "flu shot" and the lab enhanced Chinese Coronavirus. Even Wikipedia discounts Mikovits of course, or anyone that doesn't follow the Bill Gates narrative. But here is a headline today that galvanizes what she said:   Also, a short summarization of facts  on the Election by the Epoch Times spokesperson Roman B. ,  can be found here :

Update#2 : December 17th, 2020:  Nurse takes Covid Shot, does press conference and collapses on camera :  also, world famous virologist/researcher Suchart Bhakdi,M.D. says this covid vaccine is criminal and is turning the entire human population into lab rats  :

UPDATE: December 17th: Many people are shocked to learn that getting injected with this poisonous Covid serum that rearranges your DNA forever in the wrong direction, that they STILL can't have their freedom back ! Remember Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and their "2 week lockdown to flatten the curve" nonsense from nearly a year ago ? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is NOT about treatment , but rather something sinister and you know what I'm implying without even typing it here... Here's a sampling :  and here's another  sampling of thousands : are now essentially a "Prisoner of Cyber War". A POW. Here's Fauci's latest pronouncement:    and HERE is a highly respected CREDIBLE physician with thousands of peer reviewed studies in his enclave, addressing that a vaccine was not what was needed -{ go to 4:08 mark}-- :,    Rational courage to face this bioweapon creation was what was needed. And the usage of pre-existing prophylactics { Ivermectin} and essential vitamins and minerals { Vitamin D, C, Zinc, etc.} that is/was the answer . And most urgently , the complete arrest of further bioweapon creations , and the eternal incarceration of the perpetrators.

Update #2 : December 16th: Actor Tom Cruise is an exemplar of a self-appointed czar of his world. The Covid lockdown in his mind, gives him license to rant like a maniac to his film crew :   .. but Tom Cruise types can be found all over now :  whether a flight attendant, an airline,  a postal office worker or a store owner etc.  Solomon Asch and Stanley Milgram's social engineering studies are blatantly being played out. The Biderman's Chart of Coercion is now in play as well.. common in domestic abuse the technique was perfected with prisoners of war :

UPDATE : December 16th, 2020 : The Institutional Press has crowned Joe Biden the next President of the U.S. Robert Barnes, a famed Constitutional  Lawyer broke down the facts regarding the Executive Order Trump signed in 2018 which many believe could have paved the way to invoke the Insurrection Act to save the Republic. Barnes declared this a pipe dream and , despite the overwhelming fraud, the only hope left to avoid a sham presidency ( essentially a CCP takeover and ruination of your personal freedom) is explained HERE :    also today, in the wake of HIV  news and covid vaccine hiccups in Australia,Nurses speak out regarding taking the super dangerous covid vaccine . Listen HERE :  and Dr. Carrie Madej can explain how this vaccine will change you on the cellular level :  More expansively, I pulled out excerpts from the ace documentary : "Plandemic 2, InDoctornation" , regarding BILL GATES  , patents on vaccines, the rehearsal for this lab creation known as covid-19 etc... So nicely packaged in a nutshell of minutes :    if you want to watch the ENTIRE film , here it is :

Update #2 : December 15th, 2020 : Communistic censorship has scared the hell out of physicians , virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists . Case in point : One doctor in France has been thrown in a psychiatric hospital and treated like a laboratory monkey for exposing the fraud of mask wearing and this despicable Covid vaccine :

UPDATE: December 15th, 2020:  Today are two sample articles  regarding : Western Civilization is built upon the bedrock of Almighty God. Christian principles were the foundation of the Constitution. Throughout human history, here are the edicts that granted life to flourish and here is a headline of 12.15.20 that is the END stage before a collapse of nation(s). :  .  And here is a sampling of what we do now with babies and mature adults :  and with the fake covid vaccine :

UPDATE: December 14th, 2020: How easy is it to discover massive fraud on November 3rd with these Gates/ Soros / Chinese designed Dominion machines ? Easy for tech geeks: :

What is reality these days ? I pulled out an allegorical sequence that says it all, particularly with the rollout of the fake Covid shot  today. It's from "Total Recall" made 30 years ago, which was in itself a part of Hollywood's "predictive programming " that started with "The Running Man", "Terminator" , "The Island" , "The Matrix" , "The Hunger Games" , etc. :

UPDATE # 2 DECEMBER 13th : When people say there is "no { substantive} evidence" of election and voter fraud on November 3rd, 2020 , they are flat out wrong. Dominion Voting machines are diabolical cheating devices that are akin to flipping a two headed coin. Case in Point is a Michigan County that has been forensically examined with these machines that could be "Exhibit A" of thousands. Read the story here : 

UPDATE : December 13th , 2020:  Many people wonder why perfectly healthy athletes and others that are health conscious and not fat simply drop dead. The reason more often than not is that these people consumed too much vegetable oil in the form of chips, fries, bars, etc. Vegetable shortening and nut oils are MAJOR KILLERS.  Honest , informed, courageous and independent researchers have sounded the alarm for a long time :

UPDATE: December 12th, 2020 :  Supreme Court Ruling last night on Election Mess may have actually greased the skids for the finality of not "draining the Swamp" , but rather vaporizing it . Sidney Powell retweeted today renowned civil rights atty. Leigh Dundas' highlights of an executive order Trump completed in 2018.  Her  ten minute outline of it will bring hope to any Constitutional loving Christian Patriot that loves America. My prediction is that Trump will INDEED be president of the United States for another four years AND autoclave the corruption in the process in a way that was never possible before .  Listein to Leigh Dundas' explanation here :

Update #2 : December 11th: Dr. Steve Pieczenik , a political operative and frequent guest of Alex Jones' for over 20 years, has been accurate in assessments of all things political about 95% of the time over the years. Here's his take :    Also, for insight, here are a couple Youtube archive samples of Political Duplicity :  and  :

Update: December 11th: has a petition to sign regarding forcibly injecting people with the super dangerous Bill Gates Covid vaccine . Go to :

Update : December 10th, 2020: PCR Test inventor gives his opinion about Dr. Fauci, the misuse of the Covid Test and MORE ! Go to 2:45 mark and begin  :

Update: December 9th, 2020Dear Readers~ This link was sent to me from someone who follows on my wildlife facebook page where I do not post anything other than cutsey animal pictures. However, what I REALLY wish to focus on is anything but that for the public right now . HERE is a sample ~ watch before it's completely erased. 

Click HERE

August 27th, 2020The perspective of Black Lives in America and their future is best articulated by this person : Click HERE

 Agenda Covid-19 ? Click HERE                                                                                     

August 19th, 2020Yesterday, I posted arguably the greatest documentary on biowarfare and the planned Covid -19 pandemic made. TODAY, I'm posting three sequences from the film of about 6 minutes each in length which puts a bullet in the head of "fact checkers" especially SNOPES, Politifact , and last but not least, as well a look at the observably criminal machinations of Bill Gates-- His past, present and future plans now unfolding. If you want to sleep tonight, do NOT watch this. Otherwise , CLICK HERE.

August 18th, 2020Listen to several experts in the field of microbiology; virology, immunology and more , explain the PLAN that Gates , Fauci and others have served us. CLICK HERE

August 17th, 2020: Out of the mouths of world leaders both elected and non-elected, comes words and actions that YOU can ascertain , discern or apply to a better understanding of the past, present and where we are headed. CLICK HERE

August 13th, 2020: Conspiracy Theory? I wish it was. Click HERE

August 12th , 2020: The insanity of launching satellites for 5G continues as if life on this planet is meaningless. Click HERE

August 6, 2020: Bill Gates - in his OWN words - explaining what he is going to do to grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, your brothers and sisters, babies, and YOU. The last 10 seconds of this video is so horrific and obvious of his intent that, well..... CLICK HERE.

August 4th, 2020 ~ In a disturbing interview with CBS (which is partially owned by the Gates Foundation), Bill Gates tries to explain himself regarding his patented vaccine trials and ends up demonstrating a clear inability to be truthful from the start, and within 60 seconds into this interview it becomes obvious to virtually anyone. CLICK HERE. And CLICK HERE for the REAL AGENDA.

August 3rd, 2020: The Deadliest Virus is not Covid -19, but rather an Idea. What has happened in the past to hundreds of millions of people, and what is now appearing on the horizon of the United States. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

July 29th, 2020: From the British Medical Journal on the efficacy of cloth masks being 97% useless click HERE from my colleague Dr. Joseph Mercola's report today on the clinical studies of the efficacy of masks altogether click HERE;

July 29th, 2020: The future of buy, sell, and travel will depend upon the chip, the mark, the proof that you are appropriately tracked, injected, or, in other words, changed biologically forever. CLICK HERE

July 24th, 2020: My wife, Laura K., M.D., has one of her best interviews ever on the free therapy known as GROUNDING for physical and mental health! CLICK HERE..

July 24th, 2020: As a documentary director/producer myself , there are few " simplifications " in understandable and effective filmic form of the global systems of authority like this one. In my opinion, this easy-to-follow essay of what we are living through right now is well worth sitting down for 16 minutes to watch: CLICK HERE.

July 22nd , 2020: Shocking published (and disturbingly incriminating) paper tying 5G with Covid-19: MUST READ!

July 18th, 2020: Soviet Style compliance in our society of wearing facial diapers! Read the facts and science listed on Ben Swan's short presentation.

July 1st, 2020: The globalist script to lock down our country under a contrived health emergency that Fauci is following was formulated pre-9/11 and written in 2002. Click HERE to read document.

June 23, 2020: The merging of humans with machines is now openly admitted in mainstream articles including the Wall Street Journal as of June 21st, 2020. Covid-19, and the rapidly increasing draconian measures associated with it; are the preliminary steps to realizing this objective in culling life as we know it. Click here to read the article.

June 18th, 2020: Facebook will NOT allow the sharing of dissident voices that veer from the Global Medical Tyranny effort now underway! You are no longer even close to being constitutionally “free”. I took a screenshot of what FACEBOOK considers false today; therefore, please click HERE to listen to this lifesaving information!

(Full Title of Article: "EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman sponsor of Bill Six MONTHS BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic" (Known as HR 6666 TRACE ACT which stands for Testing , Reaching, and Contacting Everyone))

June 5, 2020 Why What is Happening in Society NOW isn’t an Accident