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November 30th, 2021: At this point, Pfizer no longer denies the existence of graphene hydroxide/oxide in the shots billions of people are getting. Why does it exist and why is it squirted into the body -permanently-???? Listen to this Researcher explain to Stew Peters :   the fact that this is released into the bloodstreams of CHILDREN is beyond horrific. I cannot imagine living without accepting Christ into your heart. Pray about these things. Protect your soul , body , mind and heart. Love your fellow man. We're all on borrowed time.

November 29th, 2021 : Who was German carbon expert Dr. Andreas Noack ? He gave this presentation- likening the graphene hydroxide essentially in all the covid injections as "nano-razorblades"- and reportedly is now dead as a hammer. A chilling exposition with english subtitles :  .  People collapsing at podiums, stores, in cars, airplanes , soccer fields, and other venues, etc. is so obvious at this point. this "World Champion" couldn't even finish his sentence encouraging people to get jabbed :

November 19th, 2021 : Just in time for Thanksgiving : USDA approves sprinkling nano particles on food- "for your safety" . Is it harder and harder to eat and breathe and live a life free of someone else's ideas foisted upon you ? Is it malevolent ? Discernment tells me absolutely wicked. Very obvious if one reads the patents and white papers.   and

November 17th, 2021 : Karen Kingston, an actuary and patent investigator and pharmaceutical insider, shows the patents and enormous money to be made by the "invention" of Covid -19 and the ready made injections called deceptively "vaccines". I looked the patents up myself but she shows you them on the Stew Peters Show today if you would rather just watch and listen .

November 14th, 2021: A new book : "The Real Anthony Fauci", written by Robert Kennedy Jr.  indicts Fauci  thoroughly. This "Doctor" has been up to so much unfathomable evil for so long it makes your head spin. Dr. Mercola does an interview with Kennedy today and a synopsis. Shocking.

                 Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Real Anthony Fauci (

November 4th, 2021 : M.D.s can be the Saviors of Mankind, OR, Entitled Demons disguised in Lab Coats that Green Light horrific tyranny. People put real  trust in physicians. I once did as well until I listened to my inner voice. Inner discernment.  Can you spot the frauds from the real thing ? We must believe in ourselves and our instinctual intuitions and don't look back. It may cost you everything.  Christine Andersson of the European Union , issues an inspiring statement that hits a chord ! ; also Italy dropped their official covid "death tally" from this start of this hysteria from 132, 161 deaths from covid, to now a more honest number of 3,783. The inflated former tally is admitted as 97% fiction :

November 1st, 2021 : From the Dr. Ardis Show, a Christian discussion on the nanoparticles with Dr. Carrie Madej and patent medical investigator Karen Kingston that are in the covid vaccines . The patents , with DARPA strategies , along with laboratory analysis , is examined. PROFOUNDLY horrifying :

October 30th, 2021 : Nano particles in the food supply is now underway as a means of "edible vaccines". Eat organic from here on out, maybe ? Or better yet, grow your own food ? :

October 21st, 2021: Mainstream Media has a sponsor that cares :

October 20th, 2021 : Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer executive turned whistleblower on the anti-life innoculations , speaks out today about what really killed covid patients in hospitals  : also, the Data is now clear that people that took the jabs are losing their natural immune system slowly but surely at 5% per week. Greg Reese reports :

October 16th, 2021 : Doctors around the globe sign a petition protesting the insanity of covid vaccines and all that drags along behind it : further, the numerous irrefutable patents of what's in all the covid 19 vaccines for "connecting to the internet" and control of your body : and the self assembling " creatures" that "hatch" with legs and tails and heads :

October 13th, 2021 : The state of affairs of global suppy line collapse continues. There is so much news on this front , simply check out : .. Meantime, a vaccine pioneer speaks out about the ghastly scams going on with the quackcines :

October 11th, 2021 : The Medical Tyranny is a nightmare. There are now apps that work with the conductivity of software that was injected into your BODY , under the guise of a "covid vaccine"  :

October 9th, 2021 : Good old Alex Jones, who is a sincere colleague and warrior . He's put out today a bone-chilling film on Covid . Watch HERE for free NOW :

October 8 , 2021 : As the constriction of censorship cuts off the blood flow to the brains of half of the U.S. Population , consider the aggregrate of truth news at :

October 7th, 2021 : Chimeras and virus combinations are pure evil. I.E. Pig/Human Hybrids are no secret .

October 4th, 2021: A good starting point on covid news that can take you down rabbit holes with tributaries all over the place :

October 2nd, 2021 : Dr. Northrup, an advocate of the Grounding movies, I produced and directed, and book "Earth Prescription" , written by my wife , Laura K., M.D. , gives a heartstopping presentation about Covid Vaccines :

October 1st, 2021 : Timeline facts on Covid :

September 19th, 2021 : The script for the largest propaganda campaign to ever infect humanity's mind was worked on for decades. It's a business plan of course helmed by Bill Gates and other Globalists . Here's the script  :

September 14th, 2021 : A number of people entered the "Murdering Logic" video contest at Banned.Video, decrying the vaccines/ virus insanity. The winner is at the 10:00 minute mark . Very good ! All of them - worth a look for the rational mind :

September 12th, 2021: Dr. Fleming's credentials and expertise dealing with this bio-weapon jab need to be read and studied by those individuals among us that love their fellow man and who still retain remnants of curiousity and conscience  :

September 11th, 2021 : David Icke explains what I learned decades ago getting my FCC license : words / thoughts put in your head that are not your own. The military used it with great success in the Gulf War ... From Voice to Skull technologies to Radio frequency manipulation to, for example "Get the Shot" :

September 2nd, 2021 :

#1. If you watch the first five minutes of this show with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, surely a tear will come to your face. If you don't have five minutes, start at the 2:05 minute mark  :

# 2. Michigan county threatens to take children away from parents if they've been exposed to someone with covid :

# 3.  Who is being hospitalized -vaccinated or unvaxxed - and are healthcare workers convinced this vaccine is "safe" ? : meanwhile , how are things going in Israel , in which it is a test case based upon closer to 100% of country vaccinated :

September 1st, 2021 : As school begins, doctors , who are parents, are beginning to speak up at school board meetings all around the country :

August 30th, 2021: The wave of death from the Gates Poke is starting to grow exponentially as honest medical actuaries predicted. The time-release potency that phlebotomizes the immune system imperiling human life is becoming so obvious that politicians, CDC, W.H.O. and others on a power trip, are slamming down the accelerator with even more outlandish propaganda. Masks, shots, lockdowns, and hideous tyranny is spreading across the world like an irreversibly raging grass fire  :

August 29th, 2021 : This is one of the nicest abstracts on what is happening in America right now . Worth listening to for its 7 minutes. These 7 minutes, if internalized , poteniates why America once was unique. Worth at least one year of  High School history classes :

August 27th, 2021 : The diabolical shenanigans of Bill Gates and others to reach their objectives of the Ted Turner "Georgia Guidestones" dream is extremely obvious to any discerning health professional with a conscience left . Natural Immunity is a miracle within our bodies. A spike protein , immune killing jab in the arm with anticipated booster shots for a viral spread that would have been gone naturally a year ago is NOT. 

PBS reported some of the experiments with chickens to prove that point six years ago . Do you think those that made the recipe knew this ? THEY were the ones that did the animal tests to start with :

August 26th, 2021 :  # 1.

Dr. Christina Parks , a scientist , speaks to Michigan HB4471 . Wish people discriminating against some of us  in Haines that own businesses such as Mountain Market, along with other public places that post nonsense about social distancing and self -harming masks would listen to the truth instead of the hype and politics . If they are THAT gullible and stupid, it will ultimately shorten their lives { especially if they were jabbed } or hang them up to dry with the loss of all civil rights  : 

**** For those that get all their "information" { essentially marching orders} from the CNNs, the NPRs, etc... you are the perfect statistic, soldier, mouthpiece for destroying the last vestiges of human rights, and even what it means to be a human being... in the near future , you will be disposed of like used toilet paper . Don't believe it ? SEE #2 below as an inkling of evidence of what life will be like very soon :

#2. The "Covid Project" , { as it's viewed by Transhumanists like Ray Kurzweil , Bill Gates, Fauci, etc.} , and specifically the fake shots, are needed to further the movement of getting the human body itself to be uplinked to the internet . Dr. Carrie Madej, explains via powerpoint with documentation . Horrifying ? You decide  :

August 25th, 2021 : If there is any doubt that the Wuhan Coronavirus is manmade , that should be gone by now what with the patents, the money trail, the virus makeup itself , and Fauci and Gates and Company constantly showing you their hand subliminally.. Today's revelation heaps on more obvious indications :

August 24th, 2021 : # 1. Bill Gates and GAVI , rehearsed the scamdemic many , many times over decades, right up to 2019. Very similar to the way I would prepare shooting scenes for movies. In fact , this IS a movie, a horror film, a Satanic Snuff Film, in which half of us are the unwilling supporting cast. All the patents for the failed fake vaccines, and even the lab manipulated virus itself are patented. An insider at the U.N. explains more of this hell-storm : 

#2. Covid shots are being administered by non-medical personnel in many cases-- even people that work at the zoo !  :

#3. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the Mrna vaccine, says the covid vaccine is dangerous . And "madness". What does he say today about this so-called "approval" of one vaccine ? Watch { six minutes but you'll get the statements in less than thirty seconds} :


August 23rd, 2021 : I'm constantly thinking about people that haven't a clue about the story behind mask wearing and getting permanently changed once envenomed by "the jab" . Here is a short video for those that have no time at all and no attention span at all :

Australians have had enough of their hideous Governmental Tyranny over this Bill Gates created Hell, and will stop ALL trucking of food , fuel, etc. across the entire nation on August 31st :  Australia/New Zealand are about two and one half months ahead of the authoritarian rules that will decay America from recognition. Especially since the regulators have now APPROVED Pfizer' covid death squirt. :

August 21st, 2021: Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer CEO who decries the covid shot , and calls it essentially murder  :  and a renowned Hasidic Jewish M.D. , who has treated tens of thousands of covid patients speaks out as to what this all is about :

August 21st, 2021 : #1. Visual Display of how mRNA shots for covid affect cells by Dr. Charles Hoffe , in British Columbia :

#2. Dr.Lee Merrit , former U.S. Navy Surgeon, reveals the vast increase in tumors and vascular damage from the obscene vaccine program :

#3. Joe Rogan gets it . On  "leaky vaccines" , he cits the studies that , in the case of this death shot people are taking, all it does is create new pathogens in that person , not to mention killing that recipient of that needle in the process ultimately. This entire movement to kill off the global populations of humanity has been only half successful thus far, and the race to force it is quite obvious :

#4.  A tidbit of local news : I have been permanently BANNED from an Organic Grocery Store in Haines, Alaska called "Mountain Market" as a result of a one page posting on their public bulletin board  advertising this website !

  First it was the local newspaper called "Chilkat Valley News" banning any of my letters to the Editor , { Editor said I would "scare" people} , and now this fake "woke" grocery store. Tragic. The arrogance and ignorance and egos of many combine like mental dynamite to blast a hole right through your right to speak and even eat even in this remote area.

August 19th, 2021 : # 1 : INCREDIBLE courage of a PH.D. who lays out the future at a municipal hearing { in four minutes} of the future of all those who made the mistake of being envenomed by the jab. This video address was quickly sterilized this morning off of facebook but still remains through a back channel on youtube for the moment at least : UPDATE - previous youtube BANNED - UPDATE : August 20th- NEW Channel on Youtube pops it back in { like whack-a-mole now } - LISTEN HERE :

#2 : Incredible Mass Psychosis of society is now underway . Perfectly carried out via the bioweapon route and using "health and safety" as the pretext. Medical doctor and colleague in health films of mine, Dr. Mercola, posts a must read today :

August 16th, 2021 : The incredible False statement oft quoted by Politicians and others in false authority who keep saying " 90 plus percent of covid cases are the UNvaccinated " -- nothing about that is true since the survey for that statement occurred before the fake vaccines were even rolled out !

August 15th,2021 : 

# 1 .An extraordinary roundtable discussion between 14 high profile doctors (not Bill Gates, who is not a doctor) that lasts two hours on the status of Covid , the vaccine efficacy , the analytical data , the effects of these experimental jabs on the human body, and the future life of those that took this decisive injection :

# 2. Some alternative prophylactic and early decimating covid treatments that have shown definite efficacy include Ivermectin and NEBULIZED food grade hydrogen peroxide , of which I personally use since I am in the public eye :


August 11th, 2021 : Within the first 35 minutes with this panel of Doctors , the graphene oxide ingredient in the counterfeit vaccines is explained, among other side effects. The worst part is that it turns a human into a receiver / transmitter for the internet of things.. Essentially one becomes a remote controlled toy to those that control the "dial" of the towers :

August 5th, 2021 : The insidious and diabolical world of "bot farms" that spreads propagandized lies about Covid and these hideously counterfeit vaccines that brainwash The Sleepy :

gullible public a

AUGUST 4th, 2021: Dr. Joseph Mercola, who I personally know and have filmed for my GROUNDING MOVIES , published a sensationally sad article today in which he is now forced to EXPUNGE ALL content off his platform due to the Biden Regime's authoritarian rule. This includes all my Grounding movies and articles therefrom . These are dark days in health freedom and freedom altogether. I have no words.

JULY 31st, 2021 : Dr. Carrie Madej, renowned M.D. on covid, explains how vaccines in the past { i.e. Tetanus } were routinely spiked to cause miscarriages and sterility in women ; and how she worked with officials in the past that planned on using a virus as the pretext for a patented false vaccine that patently and basically sterilizes and euthanizes and envenoms almost the entire human race. Which is happening RIGHT NOW :

JULY 30th, 2021 : Pfizer Employee confirms ( with data and patents) graphene oxide and conductivity particles among a witch's brew of other elements in the fake vaccines . Shocking :


July 29th, 2021 : The incredibe Million to 1 mortality of children from this lab concocted /manipulated virus , yet vaccine makers want to squirt this hideous venom into kids 6 months old now ! And especially the autistic and challenged children . Despicable . Dr. Mercola explains with the real data today , and not the propagandized mainstream lies :


July 24th, 2021 : The incredibly insidious push by politicians to essentially FORCE the fake , experimental vaccine upon all Americans by lying is horrific.In this opening segment , out  of his own stupid mouth, Republican Mitch McConnell insists we all should take the jab and then goes on to say the majority of hospitalized covid patients are UNvaccinated when it is the OTHER WAY AROUND ! Further, all the physicians and medical researchers  all over the world that decry this slow genocide and sterilization campaign trumpeted in white papers by Klaus Schwab and other globalist leaders  and fulfilled by Fauci and Gates, are CENSORED ! The fall  of America is underway so rapidly now that lockdowns and rolling blackouts are forthcoming any day now :


July 20th, 2021 : The greatest lie that is being promulgated to further the globalist agenda to change everything about life and life itself , is the idea that the unvaccinated drive covid variants, when unequivocally it is the other way around. The new cases in counties, boroughs, states, and countries is mainly the vaccinated . Why ? Dr. Mercola's abstract today breaks it down with the obvious reasons :

July 16th, 2021 : The descent into societal hell continues with propaganda to deny the SOURCE of the covid virus and whether it's manmade. It's manmade. Gain of Function. World's best virologists testify that the virus itself attests to it's artificial trifling and manipulation ! :

Further to that , Alex Jones blows the truth into the stratosphere on the depopulation underway{ first ten minutes will make your head spin} :

July 6th, 2021 : Stew Peters , of the Stew Peters Show, asks the famous Dr. Sherri Tenpenny all about the Covid Injections, the Delta Variant, and the side-effects and intentions behind the innoculation push :

July 4th, 2021 :

1. Bioethics Heads include Dr. Fauci's wife and Parker Crutchfield , who have published white papers considering "covert" means to insert nano-technology into humans that refuse the various Covid Shots -- in my opinion , this is an example of one of the most egregious means to destroy human beings and other biological life-forms :

OR , more to the point :

 2 . SGT Report has a stellar interview with Greg Reese today that is insightful , prescient , and diagnostic of America's status  :

June 24th, 2021 : There is an illogical concept in practice in which certain businesses , even in my hometown of Haines, Alaska, think that mask wearing has stymied the flu/cold season therefore masks and social distancing work ! Quite the contrary as Dr. Mercola presents an agglomeration of data that presents the reality in hard cold facts :

June 19th, 2021 : Dr. Steve Pieczenik's interview with Alex Jones today reveals the what and why of the 2020 Election Steal , the fake President Biden catastrophe, and China's involvement , the bizarre Fauci , and more.... . If he's right, the Country may be on the verge of the greatest comeback ever :     ~ START at the 2:52:42 mark ~

June 13th, 2021 : Dr. Roger Hodkinson , one of the most authoritative physicians in the world on vaccines and this covid, delivers information that will make you vomit in horror if you've taken the Gates Kissed Death Jab :

June 11th, 2021 : Dr. Judy Mikovits knocks it out of the park with the TRUTH on lethal/ fake covid jabs :

June 9th, 2021 : An excellent abstract by Greg Reese on the 10 codes of the Nuremberg Doctrine completely violated with the lethal fake vaccines:

June 6th, 2021 : The toxic spike protein in the counterfeit covid vaccines are doing their job in millions of people worldwide - as long planned.

                    Dr. Byram N. Bridle , Ph.D , a pro-vaccine researcher, breaks it down in an interview that caused the interviewer to cut the discussion short : 


June 4th, 2021 : Dr. Judy Mikovits, an expert on the Dr. Fauci's machinations because she worked with him, spells out the horror that awaits those in America and the entire world who have made the mistake of taking the covid death jab :

May 27th, 2021 : This chart , { real } , shows the ridiculous folly and underlying danger of the fake vaccines worldwide in the post jab covid cases 


May 24th,2021 : A shocking report on the fate of those that get the experimental covid { rona } injection ;  presented in such a way to hold the attention of a person of any age :

May 22nd, 2021 : An indepth analysis of the covid scenerio, with all its tentacles,  that has glommed onto the globe :

Secondly, a veritas website on military operations :

May 12th, 2021 : This is probably the single most life-saving post so far on this website :****!!!!!!!

((((((( In the face of the impending disastrous Covid aftermath from the variants and the experimental shots people are getting , you simply CANNOT afford to risk getting even "the sniffles" ever again. Dr. Mercola and other physicans have a FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide recipe that you can make and put in your HIGH QUALITY nebulizer . To inhale this concoction ( especially if you use a mask instead of just breathing on the mouthpiece ) will almost certainly destroy the pathogenic spread of Covid-19 in your respiratory system, or any other virus . It will kill it dead in its tracks . Learn the recipe and the details in THIS ONE article that is the most comprehensive :     )))))))))

May 4th, 2021: Dr. Joseph Mercola, a celebrated , courageous pioneer in forging truth in medicine and treatments that align with nature's laws that WORK is now threatened with penalty of death if he does not purge his website of all mention of vitamins as a treatment for Covid and also the perils of taking the experimental vaccine: 

May 1st, 2021 : An M.D. , Carrie Madej , a renowned and fearless physician , who speaks for thousands of doctors, lays it out yesterday regarding Covid and the counterfeit experimental vaccines  :

April 30th, 2021 : The incredible history of evil that culminates in the Covid Counterfeit Vaccines :

April 29th, 2021 : Journo-terrorism is on the rise to harass, besmirch, lambaste, eviscerate and worse people that question this counterfeit covid vaccine. The Depopulation Motive for this entire genocide is becoming more obvious by the day as the "Good Club" and others , brazenly and carelessly get more smug about it all the time . Leonardo De Caprio's organization is diabolically active :

Also, former Pfizer Head, Dr. Yeadon , declares this whole Covid "vaccine" scam is likely feeding something unthinkably sinister :

and then Dr. Palevsky explains the shot's impact on the body now , and in the days to come for the victim that took this disastrous step of getting injected :

April 27th, 2021: The Covid Hoax is getting so absurd that one school in Florida refuses to hire anyone who RECIEVED the fake vaccine . Additionally,Tucker Carlson turns the klieg lights onto this shameful sham that is fueling a type of mental illness :

April 26th , 2021: Sigmund Freud , the pyschoanalyst , was a creepy pedophile in real life ; and in Edward Bernays , the father of slick propaganda , was also related to Freud was another sick psycho, and keeping it all in the family brings us to the head of Netflix- that fixates on the sexualization of children :

April 25th, 2021 :

1.A doctor that has appeared and promulgated health films produced and directed by yours truly, has a daily 7-10 million readership on his analysis of medical news, today runs a commentary that is bone-chilling and funereal regarding what stage our society is in regarding complete collapse using "Covid" as the catalyst :

2. One of the world's foremost virology and strategic government planning experts , Dr. Lee Merrit, who knows the TRUTH about the masks , the fake pandemic, and the REAL PURPOSE of this charade :

April 21st, 2021 : Why do famous people like Billionaire LeBron James lose their ability to discern reality ? Ego and False self-righteousness...

An insightful , super articulate woman of the black community comments on the latest Black Lives Matter false pretexts legitimizing violence--- i.e. today--- involving one black girl trying to plunge a long knife into another "girl of color" :


April 19th, 2021: The Compendium on the Chinese Coronavirus Drama that kicks logic into high gear :

April 17th, 2021: Mark Dice aggregates the latest fomentations that are highly successful thanks to Fed Ex/ Coca Cola/ George Soros /CNN and thousands of other misguided Christian-hating assemblages . Blacks, Hispanics, Asians are being used as tools , as props to fracture the country into pieces :

Meanwhile, uncovering the Covid Scam investigations led by humans with a conscience and aren't in "The Trance"  find , or maybe I should say "don't find" more and more :

April 16th, 2021: 

A. The human attention span has dropped dramatically in the past few decades to now be { only 8 seconds} and BELOW that of a Goldfish { 9 seconds } :,goldfish%20has%20an%20attention%20span%20of%20nine%20seconds.

B. Covid -19 hysteria is NOTHING compared to your truly deadly iphone. There are over 30,000 published papers on the deleterious effects of microwave radiation on living organisms . Your wi-fi router, iphone, cordless phone, cell towers can be remotely manipulated if need be, but on the average day , your brain and blood are crying for mercy : 

April 16th, 2021 :

1.The bifurcation of environmentalism and the diabolical propaganda is in full force now, and it takes discernment to tell the difference between the counterfeit and the real thing. I have been a staunch advocate of protecting the environment and wildlife , particular polar animals and birds my entire life and spent over half of that time in making films about it. "Climate Change" and "Covid shots" are disguised in a latex mask worn to look like some wilderness hero akin to Ansel Adams or John Muir. BEWARE! It's actually the monster of Godless Communism. Masks, shots, and the New Green Deal are insanely illogical arguments especially from a medical perspective. Dr. Mercola has an apropos entry today :

2. Here's an attorney with a brain . With a conscience. And how WE need to be on this sick, pathetic, draconian, Godless COVID Communism set to kill :

April 15th, 2021 : Today is my wedding anniversary ( four years) , to the woman of my dreams - Laura Koniver, M.D. 

1. Have you taken the "Covid Vaccine" ?  if you have, do not read beyond this word, DO NOT . If you are still undecided or will NOT take the shot , Dr. Sherri Tenpenny articulates the fatal bullet you've just dodged in a four minute assessment :

2.Whilst humanity is preoccupied with the Covid Sham, the REAL enemies of life continue to bombard us from the multiplicity of 4G and 5G that screws up the immune systems of ALL life, including plants . I will post more of that issue in the future. Meantime, the ingestion of plastics via air, water and food is reaching ridiculous levels that essentially denude the sex hormones and endocrine system in general  :

April 11th, 2021: The Covid Vaccination push is a catastrophe in the making that will obliterate humanity as we knew it. Per General Flynn's citing of the Government's predictions, many geneticists , virologists, physicians etc. , including Dr. Mikovits, allude to the movie "Still Alice" as the example of what will happen to tens of millions of people with Prion Disease ( melting of the brain essentially) as a result of taking the shot(s), if they even survive long enough for the rage and incoherence to manifest. Here's the trailer of "Still Alice" : and here's a fresh and lengthy interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits ( who worked with Fauci) :

April 10th, 2021: General Flynn just came out with an observation on Alex Jones and the Covid Scam that will blow your hair back : 


April 7th, 2021: Former Pfizer head states the vaccine can/will kill you ; and calls out governments :

April 6th, 2021: More people are seeing that Dr. Fauci is full of it . X22 Report has a nice summation of today's news :

April 5th, 2021:

1. The current Covid Mess was just a "dry run" to see how compliant and indolent the masses really were and are. The script has already been written for the demise of millions . Written by Johns Hopkins University Eugenicist minions :

2 . Greg Reese does a five minute report on " Bill Hell's Gates"- The nastiest and darkest of all the Eugenicists that ever lived. Gates makes Hitler look meek and mild in comparison : 

3. Dr. Mercola features an article measuring the censorship and destruction of Free Speech and the ominous rise of Medical Tyranny and Authoritarianism taking its place. We are indeed now in STAGE 4 of a cancer that has metastasized across the entire world's population :

April 4th, 2021: Alex Jones carries an article, with video , today of a church that throws out the Covid Gestapo Police in Canada : meanwhile, Alaska's Governor tells Biden to "Go to Hell" on the fake Presideht's Mask insanity :  And Biden , who claims he's a "devout Catholic" , gave an Easter Message without mentioning Jesus Christ a SINGLE time, instead, he gabbled about Covid Shots :

April 2nd, 2021 :

1. A Good Friday Commentary :

2. Spain passes mandate requiring facemasks even during swimming :

April 1st, 2021: Krispy Kreme is participating in Pavlovian Operant Conditioning for not rats or dogs, but rather HUMANS! I wish I was kidding - FREE donuts every day if you can "prove" that you have had at least one of the counterfeit Gates patented Covid shots . I wish It was an April Fool's joke but it is anything but funny  :

March 31st, 2021 : Everyone knows the covid PCR test is virtually worthless for testing, { even the inventor of it stated that } , but here is the paradox : People that have taken the experimental / fake "vaccine", are testing POSITIVE for covid, still have to wear the mask and social distance and continue the charade just like those that wisely refuse the shot. So, either the vaccine is not working as marketed, or the PCR test is bogus, or BOTH are fallacious... Epoch Times posted THIS today :

March 30th, 2021: Mike Lindell{ My Pillow Guy} is ON FIRE on Bannon's podcast regarding upending this 2020 Election this spring/summer :

March 29th, 2021 : 

1. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not " - Thomas Jefferson

2. Covid -19 was , of course , a developed bio-weapon , and is so obvious by now that the information is leaking out like a sieve :

March 28th, 2021: "Vaccine Passports" are no different than the Jewish Badges sewn into clothing in Hitler's Era :

March 27th, 2021: There is quite a lot of unsettling data about contaminating your body with mutagenic poisons, Covid viruses , possible nano dust, etc. from masks and the covid test using the swabs "PCR" test . Ironically, many of the masks are shipped to the world from Wuhan , China ! The health dangers :

March 26th, 2021 :

1. Former CDC director announces what we've known all along : The Chinese Coronavirus is a lab creation aided and abetted by the usual suspects :

2. Comrade Mike Adams' "Situation Update" provides commentary about the Covid Vaccinated as "biological ticking time bombs" :



March 20th, 2021: As America implodes not unlike ancient Rome, there are scientists, psychologists and social science experts that see the easy access to pornography as a virus far worse than Covid. The incredible eugenics money making scheme cooked up by Bill Gates & Co. is only able to take ahold BECAUSE of moral decay : Perhaps it is good to tattoo this image on one's being instead of some hellish symbol :

March 18th,2021 :

1. Rand Paul skewers "Dr." Fauci. I will step out here and condemn this hideous globalist who holds patents on vaccines and was involved in the manipulating or "creating" of Covid-19 . Trump didn't have the cojones to halt this person from continuing his surreptitious activities. Under the Nuremberg Code, Fauci would be sentenced to prison or worse. :

2. Pentagon / Military demoting troops that refuse the covid euthanasia jab :

March 16th, 2021: From the military to nursing homes to health care workers worldwide, it is beginning to be obvious that the fallout of side-effects and super strains born from the counterfeit vaccine that is a bio- weapon of mass destruction :

March 14th, 2021:

1. Vaccine Disaster Imminent :

2. A departure from the bad news in politics to an episode of National Geographic Wild's "Yukon Vet" episode that aired last night featuring the wolverines / wildlife park :

March 10th, 2021: The Russian Roulette game of death and disablement in Canada nursing home :

March 6th, 2021 : Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has done hundreds of interviews worldwide , and speaks for the legions of physicians on the FATAL MISTAKE of taking "the covid jab" :

March 5th, 2021: The turmoil of societies across the globe , when forensically analyzed, is a SPIRITUAL one. And much of our confusion can be found in our public schools including EARTH SCIENCE classes. Here's an apropos example regarding the demise of the Woolly Mammoth in the arctic. The N.W. Creation Network is a fantastic aggregation of the veritas of dinosaurs , geology, climate, and more. A true treasure! :

March 4th,2021 : The Medical Derangement continues ( United Nation , W.H.O. , Bill Gates, Madman Fauci and a handful of others ), now they want to suffocate BABIES with masks and the covid death shot :

March 3rd, 2021 : Indonesia to begin imposing fines on those who refuse being injected with the Death Shot :

March 1st, 2021 :

1.Colleague and Advocate for veracity in exposing the uselessness of masks, Dr. Joseph Mercola reports today the latest in a bizarre claim by officials that "moist" masks are more effective because they "hydrate the lungs" . Nothing could be more false . This entire charade is part of a dark poitical agenda with ZERO to do with your health

2. Mike Adams, another colleague, addresses the disastrous mRNA "death shot" today on his "Situation Update". If you listen for the first 6 minutes, it may SAVE YOUR LIFE. Most everyone who has taken the counterfeit vaccine thus far will die within a few years or severely disabled. You believe in SCIENCE? I hope so  :

February 27th, 2021:

1.The cacophony of political confusion continues unabated as low information people in droves willingly allow the injection that will forever change their biological makeup as they become "ticking time bombs" for death. Most will be dead or disabled within five years. :   .. Here in Haines, Alaska, I hold the local Chilkat Valley News responsible for collateral damage for taping my mouth shut on this topic- truly a moral crime.

2. Jerry Nadler's views on genital mutilation via transgendering is warped , sick and this creepy villian needs a miracle himself to recover from his own mental delusions :

February 25th, 2021: Rand Paul tries to understand the thought process of Rachel Levine , the transgendered "IT" the Clown , in my humble opinion, who wants to fast track and make it easy for CHILDREN to change their gender- SICK !   Levine is head of Health and Human Services under another fake person : Joe Biden :

February 24th,2021:

1.Yahoo News and others, twist the facts on the bizarre head of Department of Health and Social Services transgender man/woman Rachel Levine. "She" advocates the unthinkable :

2. Rabbits , Ferrets and Monkeys used to be used in vaccine trials to see outcomes of rashes , tumors , sterility and death..... Now why bother , let's just use CHILDREN :


February 23rd, 2021 :

1.Former Clinton advisor warns our country is going communist :

2. A REAL Canadian guy tells airport goons where to stick their Covid Test and exposes the fraud for what it is ! Trudeau is a Totalitarian NUT!

February 22nd, 2021: The Covid "vaccine" does not meet the criteria even of a vaccine- it does nothing to impart immunity or keep you from getting it or transmit it. It is mutagenic, teratogenic, and carcinogenic and about to be squirted into the arms of CHILDREN !  :  The lethality directly and indirectly is a biologicial certainty. Within five years , virtually everyone who has taken this experimental shot will either be dead or disabled. Which, of course, was part of the objective in the first place.

February 21st, 2021 : The narrative of masks, covid vaccines, etc. remaines clutched tightly in the claws of the Globalists,{ trillions of profit during lockdowns for starters} like Germany's Merkel, whilst the facts of herd immunity tell a different story :  ---- How long will it take for the release of the next lab creation therefore ?

February 20th, 2021 : 

1. Colleague Dr. Mercola offers a rare and chilling interview and analysis on Aldous Huxley with Mike Wallace in 1958 :

2. Successful Propaganda- an example on obeiscance :

3. Snopes and other faux "fact checkers" are trying to blow smoke on India's stand on the pseudo Covid shot :

February 18th, 2021 : The CHILKAT VALLEY NEWS, the local newspaper of Haines , Alaska , refuses to print the following letter to the Editor , even as a paid commentary. Selective censorship on life and death issues is never okay ; and I personally will never buy another copy of this bias newspaper and I encourage you to do the same. You can find the letter on Facebook under "Steve Kroschel " for February 18th.

I encourage people to email the Editor with your thoughts on this type of egregious censorship which is now no different than , i.e. Twitter, Youtube, etc...

February 17th, 2021: 

1.Why Bill Gates Switched from computers to vaccines in a 25 minute video :

2. More Capital Protest updates :

February 16th, 2021 : 

1. Nursing Home Residents continue to die from Covid Shot : and the DO NOT RESUSCITATE is the new way Disabled people are being handled if they get Covid 19 in the UK :  

2. Church in Los Angeles proves the falseness of "Pandemic" . David Knight explains :

3. Dr. Fauci despises President Trump and it's quite obvious. He made this statement in 2017 about a "surprise outbreak" :  ....

February 15th, 2021 :

1. Germany is implementing ID2020  :

2. More information on Capital Protest post Trump exoneration :

February 11th, 2021: Vaccines use aborted babies. They cut up babies like salmon in a cannery. Then use them in these stupid Covid vaccines.


February 10th, 2021 : CDC inflated the Covid statistics illegally, creatively and fraudulently by 1,600%  up until after the phony U.S. Election :

2. "Successive Approximation" is a way to get humans to OBEY. The masks and vaccines galvanize the Ted Turners and Bill Gates and Oprah Winfreys "test". 

Just like animals and Dominos , humans can be trained to turn on themselves : and

February 9th, 2021 : Doctors discuss the disaster that is the super dangerous Covid Vaccine . Within 14 months , a horrific number of people across the world will die . Tens of thousands of health professionals state this . Here is a discussion that will sober you up real good :

February 8th, 2021 : Austrailia is inacting laws that foster deviances so extreme that most would not have thought possible a mere year ago . Why does this matter ? Because it's a worldwide trend that indicates unprecedented stripping of civil rights : 

Update: February 7th, 2021 : Anyone that thinks there was no election fraud or very little ?

Update: February 6th, 2021: Mike Lindell , founder of "My Pillow" fortune, premiered an expose on the sensational Election Fraud that occurred on November 3rd, 2020 , as well as previous elections :

Update: February 4th, 2021 : If there is a "pandemic"  , then why THIS ? :

Update : January 31st, 2021:

1. Millions of people that confidently took the jab once or twice from the  Corona Virus vaccine scheme, have unwittingly introduced a hideous substance into their bodies that is irreversible. The virus, the lockdown,  and your declining health have been planned for a long time by the "Good Club" :

2. Lab Made Coronavirus ? Of course it is. Here's an article pulled from 2015 :

3. Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates , Prince Charles ., Dr. Fauci --- These are the masterminds of your present and future :

Update: January 29th, 2021 : UP TO 1/3 of people in nursing homes overseas are dropping dead after receiving the Covid vaccine :

Update : January 29th,2021 : Have You had your shot for the Corona Virus yet ? If not, congratulations, because you have just saved your one and only body from a substance that would haunt you for the rest of your natural life ... But , do some critical thinking after reading THIS today :

Update : January 23, 2021 : Doctors that stand for the truth have posted 8 facts on mask wearing and the damage therefrom :

Update: January 21st, 2021 : Mike Adams is a colleague of sorts of mine personally ; please consider his January 21st, 2021 "Situation Update" regarding Biden's Induction :

Update : January 20th, 2021 : Letter from Rabbi Smith to President Trump and Pence pleading for the arrest of the "Project Warp Speed" vaccines :

UPDATE : January 17th, 2021 : One school in Florida had the courage and intelligence to stick this Covid Lockdown where the sun don't shine. What happened ? :

UPDATE : January 15, 2021 : People in Spain that received simply Vitamin D with Covid basically wiped out the heavy statistical death from this horrendous lab virus :   DO not need a stupid and super dangerous vaccine for this that will kill you within five years after taking it one way or the other... These are dangerous times .

And finally THIS insanity :

UPDATE: January 14th, 2021 : 

1. There is quite a bit of evidence that a major shift in America is about to take place ... For the better . :  Trump will almost certainly have a second term.

2. provides the latest data from 50 states of Mask Mandates vs.  No Mask Mandates  and MORE :

3. Uh, oh, .... and now this just in :

UPDATE: January 13th, 2021 : Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who is a psychiatrist and military operative, and a recurring guest on Alex Jones' show for nearly 20 years. I personally have listened to him  during this time... He is 95% right on all his predictions over this time.. He has DOUBLED DOWN on his predictions regarding TRUMP being President and within the next 7 days all hell is breaking loose :

UPDATE : January 12th, 2021 : The end of freedom has been coming........It was a race against time ; and by January 20th, 2021, they will be coming for all of us :

UPDATE : January 10th, 2021 : My heart drops when I hear of anyone that has received the new Covid-19  shot . Tens of Thousands of physicians are screaming at the top of their lungs, to no avail , and go unheard, { due to a purged social media} , but their message is to  NOT to take this shot . Here's another warning example :

UPDATE: January 9th, 2021 : Lt. General McInerney, provides insights on Corona virus, Election Fraud, etc.,  that are complemented by this channel presenter with great article backup as Lt. General confabulates :

UPDATE : January 8th, 2021 :

1, Freedom , as we knew it , is over. And for , example, any doctor that disagrees or deviates from the "official narrative" will be targeted. Case in point is Dr. Mercola, who I personally have worked with , has, as of today, a sobering piece of news : 

2,  Lifesite News, a Christian news outlet , does an eloquent summation of Election Fraud :

UPDATE: January 7th, 2021 :

1. The "Viking" that stormed the capitol , along with many others, that were on that front line were not Trump supporters but rather disguised as such  :   .

2. Nothing is as it seems on this unfolding saga. Here's another Radical Leftist who spearheaded the breaching of the Capital :

3, Dr. Judy Mikovits,  research scientist that knows the facts behind Covid-19 and these super deadly vaccines states the obvious :

4, Former Attorney General Bill Barr -- turned out to be a corpulent , triple chinned , hideous,  traitorous,  Deep State disappointment to put it mildly.. He stated he saw "no voter fraud" to warrant an investigation. Perhaps part of that reason is that he has millions of dollars in stock in the company that made Dominion Voting machines , among other things :

UPDATE : January 5th, 2021 1. There is very , very, little accountability  in our government. There is little Christian ethics that was the foundation of this country.  And very little clear-mindedness left :

2.  Bill Gates is dimming the sun now ... Has been for quite a while actually :   meantime, how's some of his other vaccination agendas went :

UPDATE : January 4th, 2021 : The Institutional Press or Mainstream Media , is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. It is now their propaganda arm to destroy morality, the family and anything that sustains life . Want a taste of it today ?  :

UPDATE : January 3rd, 2021 : House Democrats offer up "a prayer" , and end the prayer in the most twisted way  :

UPDATE : January 2nd, 2021 : The false and dangerous movement towards socialism that invariably leads to the rape of your entire life going on now in America partly due to the ideological subversion tactics by enemies of  America . So many people have no idea what socialism really means or entails :

2. Here's a good example today in Canada of your privacy invaded and the rape begins :

3. According to WORLDOMETER, over 42 MILLION Babies were slaughtered in 2020 via abortion :

NEW YEAR'S DAY : January 1st, 2021 :

1.Dr. Fauci's viewpoint of the Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine today :

2. The demoralization and ideological subversion of America is on full display in so many way including with the Election . Here's a sample of the chicanery just today :


UPDATE : December 31st, 2020 :

1.KGB's Yuri Bezmenov made a chilling cogent prediction of America circa 1980's. The deceit of Socialism and counterfeit humanitarianism and its inevitable climax  : 

2.  Also, along those lines, reality regarding the Election : 

3. Chinese Corona virus vaccines are super dangerous  as outlined numerous times but listen to Del Bigtree of the HIghwire today :

4. You want to go to a movie ? Fly ? Shop ?

UPDATE : December 30th, 2020 : The Tragedy of the Chinese Coronavirus Bill Gates Agenda :      And whether Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's chief of propaganda  said the famous quote or not : " If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, peope will eventually come to believe it " .. It IS a true statement .. It certainly applies to Lockdowns, CCP Virus, Bill Gates, Vaccines AND the way people are MURDERED VIA INTUBATION in hospitals  including congressman elect Luke Letlow :  Nurses confirm the cause of death is NOT covid but INTUBUATION. ... A common way to kill off people with covid in hospitals for the $ and the statistics.

UPDATE: December 26th, 2020: The Subversion of societies worldwide has as its fuel Godlessness . Communism takes root. This 30 minute documentary on Communism, put together by the Epoch Times is a must watch if you slept through history classes : and , another fantastic aggregation of this Election Degeneracy called "The Plot to Steal America" :

UPDATE : December 25th, 2020 : Dr. Joseph Mercola , in the summer of 2019 , before this insane Bill Gates agenda of the CCP Virus--  posted this video . I strongly suggest you take the time to watch :

UPDATE: December 24th, 2020: The Rockefeller Foundation's "National Covid -19 Action Plan" ,  sees testing, vaccines, and control of humans as an industrial vision with "the virus" as the linchpin : 1. Make bioweapon, 2. Release said virus 3. Implement measures including vaccines 4. Continue incrementally  subtracting human freedom and REPEAT.  So diabolical is this plan { see what nearly happened in France just now : that the masses are following that they are now ahead of schedule :  and then :   and further reading of the World Economic Forum's architectural plans and "Plannedopolis" { which was actually a prescient 'cartoon" shown to school children decades ago } , CLEARLY outlines that biolab virus creations/ cures / lockdowns are here to stay .

UPDATE: December 23rd, 2020 : Study released of over 10 MILLION  people that asymptomatic "covid " carriers  are unabe to transmit anything to others :

UPDATE: December 22nd, 2020 : Rand Paul tried to infuse some courageous logic to what is really killing us : LOCKDOWNS.  Not this Fauci/Gates & Co. bio-creation. Government breaks both your legs and then hands you one kleenex ( $ insulting $600.00 to you and millions to "them")  see Rand's rant : also today, the SICK, TWISTED DECADENCE of our Country in how it blasphemes the genders. There is male and female and that's it.  Hermaphrodites are another matter and exceptionally rare. This is a must read summation :

UPDATE: December 21st, 2020 : Dr. Fauci has vaccinated Santa Claus and says Santa is  "good to go"...and " can deliver your presents".. yet , YOU cannot take off your mask and MUST stay locked down even AFTER YOU take the shot. Nothing has changed- for YOU of course. Similar to the 2 week "flatten the curve" thing way last spring. The zig-zagging has a purpose and  Dr. Joseph Mercola ,  a bold colleague who I have filmed with , lays out the astonishing indoctrination of submission and fear of Covid hysteria with salient links to the studies . Social Distancing OUTSIDE should not be 6 feet , but rather 66 feet --- if on a bicicycle ! ... So what's the point of all of this ? 35,236 medical practitioners as of November  , with  science in hand, have signed a petition to END this impossible Globalist agenda medical science fiction mandness... Read here :

UPDATE : December 20th, 2020 :  "But a Constitution of Government, once changed from Freedom, can never be restored ".  ---- John Adams { 2nd President of the United States} 

 "Liberty once Lost is Lost Forever" --- The amazing headlines the past few days give me hope greater than ever for how this Election will turn out . My colleague Mike Adams has contacts in Government that blow my mind . Hear his podcast analysis today about what is going on with the Election Steal AND the latest Vaccine propaganda ! :  if you don't have time, consider scanning in less than 15 seconds THIS analysis including former NSA Director Bill Binney :

UPDATE: December 19th,2020 : There is a letter about  Covid Vaccine being past around on Social Media by Dr. Frank Shallenberger that echoes the consensus of tens of thousands of medical professionals with pin point scientifically verifiable accuracy, the critical points about the dangers of this Franken-Shot -- similar to Dr. Francis Boyle who is a Bioweapons insider. The letter can be read here :  however, what is more interesting than the letter itself, is the flagrant manner in which the Institutional Press implements fake "fact checker" SNOPES,  to safeguard the Gates / UN/ Globalist Mandate, { especially "The Good Club"}, with the job of trying to discredit Dr. Shallenberger. Read the surreptitious Snopes retort here:    For the record, SNOPES is a discredited fact checking front .  The founders are psychopathic fraudsters ... I've posted about Snopes in previous entries... Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has readership in the millions, { and someone I personally have worked with } , today writes the REAL agenda with people that have nothing to hide :

Update # 2 : December 18th, 2020 : MASK WEARING explained by OSHA experts with Del Bigtree of the HIghwire : also, filmmaker Jaymie Icke premieres a timely documentary on the sinister push of the Covid-19 vaccine:

UPDATE : December 18th, 2020 : Dr. Judy Mikovits, a renowned research scientist who worked alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci decades ago and exposed his unethical works, spoke to Dr. Joseph Mercola {who I personally have worked with } in early May about the correlation between the nefarious annual "flu shot" and the lab enhanced Chinese Coronavirus. Even Wikipedia discounts Mikovits of course, or anyone that doesn't follow the Bill Gates narrative. But here is a headline today that galvanizes what she said:   Also, a short summarization of facts  on the Election by the Epoch Times spokesperson Roman B. ,  can be found here :

Update#2 : December 17th, 2020:  Nurse takes Covid Shot, does press conference and collapses on camera :  also, world famous virologist/researcher Suchart Bhakdi,M.D. says this covid vaccine is criminal and is turning the entire human population into lab rats  :

UPDATE: December 17th: Many people are shocked to learn that getting injected with this poisonous Covid serum that rearranges your DNA forever in the wrong direction, that they STILL can't have their freedom back ! Remember Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates and their "2 week lockdown to flatten the curve" nonsense from nearly a year ago ? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is NOT about treatment , but rather something sinister and you know what I'm implying without even typing it here... Here's a sampling :  and here's another  sampling of thousands : are now essentially a "Prisoner of Cyber War". A POW. Here's Fauci's latest pronouncement:    and HERE is a highly respected CREDIBLE physician with thousands of peer reviewed studies in his enclave, addressing that a vaccine was not what was needed -{ go to 4:08 mark}-- :,    Rational courage to face this bioweapon creation was what was needed. And the usage of pre-existing prophylactics { Ivermectin} and essential vitamins and minerals { Vitamin D, C, Zinc, etc.} that is/was the answer . And most urgently , the complete arrest of further bioweapon creations , and the eternal incarceration of the perpetrators.

Update #2 : December 16th: Actor Tom Cruise is an exemplar of a self-appointed czar of his world. The Covid lockdown in his mind, gives him license to rant like a maniac to his film crew :   .. but Tom Cruise types can be found all over now :  whether a flight attendant, an airline,  a postal office worker or a store owner etc.  Solomon Asch and Stanley Milgram's social engineering studies are blatantly being played out. The Biderman's Chart of Coercion is now in play as well.. common in domestic abuse the technique was perfected with prisoners of war :

UPDATE : December 16th, 2020 : The Institutional Press has crowned Joe Biden the next President of the U.S. Robert Barnes, a famed Constitutional  Lawyer broke down the facts regarding the Executive Order Trump signed in 2018 which many believe could have paved the way to invoke the Insurrection Act to save the Republic. Barnes declared this a pipe dream and , despite the overwhelming fraud, the only hope left to avoid a sham presidency ( essentially a CCP takeover and ruination of your personal freedom) is explained HERE :    also today, in the wake of HIV  news and covid vaccine hiccups in Australia,Nurses speak out regarding taking the super dangerous covid vaccine . Listen HERE :  and Dr. Carrie Madej can explain how this vaccine will change you on the cellular level :  More expansively, I pulled out excerpts from the ace documentary : "Plandemic 2, InDoctornation" , regarding BILL GATES  , patents on vaccines, the rehearsal for this lab creation known as covid-19 etc... So nicely packaged in a nutshell of minutes :    if you want to watch the ENTIRE film , here it is :

Update #2 : December 15th, 2020 : Communistic censorship has scared the hell out of physicians , virologists, epidemiologists, immunologists . Case in point : One doctor in France has been thrown in a psychiatric hospital and treated like a laboratory monkey for exposing the fraud of mask wearing and this despicable Covid vaccine :

UPDATE: December 15th, 2020:  Today are two sample articles  regarding : Western Civilization is built upon the bedrock of Almighty God. Christian principles were the foundation of the Constitution. Throughout human history, here are the edicts that granted life to flourish and here is a headline of 12.15.20 that is the END stage before a collapse of nation(s). :  .  And here is a sampling of what we do now with babies and mature adults :  and with the fake covid vaccine :

UPDATE: December 14th, 2020: How easy is it to discover massive fraud on November 3rd with these Gates/ Soros / Chinese designed Dominion machines ? Easy for tech geeks: :

What is reality these days ? I pulled out an allegorical sequence that says it all, particularly with the rollout of the fake Covid shot  today. It's from "Total Recall" made 30 years ago, which was in itself a part of Hollywood's "predictive programming " that started with "The Running Man", "Terminator" , "The Island" , "The Matrix" , "The Hunger Games" , etc. :

UPDATE # 2 DECEMBER 13th : When people say there is "no { substantive} evidence" of election and voter fraud on November 3rd, 2020 , they are flat out wrong. Dominion Voting machines are diabolical cheating devices that are akin to flipping a two headed coin. Case in Point is a Michigan County that has been forensically examined with these machines that could be "Exhibit A" of thousands. Read the story here : 

UPDATE : December 13th , 2020:  Many people wonder why perfectly healthy athletes and others that are health conscious and not fat simply drop dead. The reason more often than not is that these people consumed too much vegetable oil in the form of chips, fries, bars, etc. Vegetable shortening and nut oils are MAJOR KILLERS.  Honest , informed, courageous and independent researchers have sounded the alarm for a long time :

UPDATE: December 12th, 2020 :  Supreme Court Ruling last night on Election Mess may have actually greased the skids for the finality of not "draining the Swamp" , but rather vaporizing it . Sidney Powell retweeted today renowned civil rights atty. Leigh Dundas' highlights of an executive order Trump completed in 2018.  Her  ten minute outline of it will bring hope to any Constitutional loving Christian Patriot that loves America. My prediction is that Trump will INDEED be president of the United States for another four years AND autoclave the corruption in the process in a way that was never possible before .  Listein to Leigh Dundas' explanation here :

Update #2 : December 11th: Dr. Steve Pieczenik , a political operative and frequent guest of Alex Jones' for over 20 years, has been accurate in assessments of all things political about 95% of the time over the years. Here's his take :    Also, for insight, here are a couple Youtube archive samples of Political Duplicity :  and  :

Update: December 11th: has a petition to sign regarding forcibly injecting people with the super dangerous Bill Gates Covid vaccine . Go to :

Update : December 10th, 2020: PCR Test inventor gives his opinion about Dr. Fauci, the misuse of the Covid Test and MORE ! Go to 2:45 mark and begin  :

Update: December 9th, 2020Dear Readers~ This link was sent to me from someone who follows on my wildlife facebook page where I do not post anything other than cutsey animal pictures. However, what I REALLY wish to focus on is anything but that for the public right now . HERE is a sample ~ watch before it's completely erased. 

Click HERE

August 27th, 2020The perspective of Black Lives in America and their future is best articulated by this person : Click HERE

 Agenda Covid-19 ? Click HERE                                                                                     

August 19th, 2020Yesterday, I posted arguably the greatest documentary on biowarfare and the planned Covid -19 pandemic made. TODAY, I'm posting three sequences from the film of about 6 minutes each in length which puts a bullet in the head of "fact checkers" especially SNOPES, Politifact , and last but not least, as well a look at the observably criminal machinations of Bill Gates-- His past, present and future plans now unfolding. If you want to sleep tonight, do NOT watch this. Otherwise , CLICK HERE.

August 18th, 2020Listen to several experts in the field of microbiology; virology, immunology and more , explain the PLAN that Gates , Fauci and others have served us. CLICK HERE

August 17th, 2020: Out of the mouths of world leaders both elected and non-elected, comes words and actions that YOU can ascertain , discern or apply to a better understanding of the past, present and where we are headed. CLICK HERE

August 13th, 2020: Conspiracy Theory? I wish it was. Click HERE

August 12th , 2020: The insanity of launching satellites for 5G continues as if life on this planet is meaningless. Click HERE

August 6, 2020: Bill Gates - in his OWN words - explaining what he is going to do to grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, your brothers and sisters, babies, and YOU. The last 10 seconds of this video is so horrific and obvious of his intent that, well..... CLICK HERE.

August 4th, 2020 ~ In a disturbing interview with CBS (which is partially owned by the Gates Foundation), Bill Gates tries to explain himself regarding his patented vaccine trials and ends up demonstrating a clear inability to be truthful from the start, and within 60 seconds into this interview it becomes obvious to virtually anyone. CLICK HERE. And CLICK HERE for the REAL AGENDA.

August 3rd, 2020: The Deadliest Virus is not Covid -19, but rather an Idea. What has happened in the past to hundreds of millions of people, and what is now appearing on the horizon of the United States. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

July 29th, 2020: From the British Medical Journal on the efficacy of cloth masks being 97% useless click HERE from my colleague Dr. Joseph Mercola's report today on the clinical studies of the efficacy of masks altogether click HERE;

July 29th, 2020: The future of buy, sell, and travel will depend upon the chip, the mark, the proof that you are appropriately tracked, injected, or, in other words, changed biologically forever. CLICK HERE

July 24th, 2020: My wife, Laura K., M.D., has one of her best interviews ever on the free therapy known as GROUNDING for physical and mental health! CLICK HERE..

July 24th, 2020: As a documentary director/producer myself , there are few " simplifications " in understandable and effective filmic form of the global systems of authority like this one. In my opinion, this easy-to-follow essay of what we are living through right now is well worth sitting down for 16 minutes to watch: CLICK HERE.

July 22nd , 2020: Shocking published (and disturbingly incriminating) paper tying 5G with Covid-19: MUST READ!

July 18th, 2020: Soviet Style compliance in our society of wearing facial diapers! Read the facts and science listed on Ben Swan's short presentation.

July 1st, 2020: The globalist script to lock down our country under a contrived health emergency that Fauci is following was formulated pre-9/11 and written in 2002. Click HERE to read document.

June 23, 2020: The merging of humans with machines is now openly admitted in mainstream articles including the Wall Street Journal as of June 21st, 2020. Covid-19, and the rapidly increasing draconian measures associated with it; are the preliminary steps to realizing this objective in culling life as we know it. Click here to read the article.

June 18th, 2020: Facebook will NOT allow the sharing of dissident voices that veer from the Global Medical Tyranny effort now underway! You are no longer even close to being constitutionally “free”. I took a screenshot of what FACEBOOK considers false today; therefore, please click HERE to listen to this lifesaving information!

(Full Title of Article: "EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with Democratic Congressman sponsor of Bill Six MONTHS BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic" (Known as HR 6666 TRACE ACT which stands for Testing , Reaching, and Contacting Everyone))

June 5, 2020 Why What is Happening in Society NOW isn’t an Accident