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Hear three national radio spots about cell phone radiation and 5th Generation wireless

UPDATE JULY 18th, 2019 -- Neuralink technology: direct insertion of wires into human brains in one year to accomplish "internet connection". "Total Recall" a la Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Elon Musk plans to put computer chips into Brains.

UPDATE December 2019 -- and also see renowned chemist James Tour's Dissertation on the Origin of Life on YouTube.
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UPDATE January 15th, 2020 -- School kids are stunned what happened with a wi-fi experiment in their classroom -- "Pioneers of Science -Part 1" --- Encourage YOUR school to replicate! Plants don't lie!

April 7, 2020: Must-see video: COVID-19 and the history of W.H.O Less than 7 minutes!

April 11, 2020: Lock Bill Gates Up! Watch now

April 21, 2020: Signs of the times have arrived Watch now

April 21, 2020: Bill Gates — Most Dangerous Philanthropist in Modern History? Read now

April 30, 2020: Army Of Medical ‘Brown Shirts’ Being Created On A National Level Watch now

May 6, 2020: Bill Gates' Smiling Face on the Thought of Biocide Watch now

May 9, 2020 : Diabolical Kill Shots to the Constitution and YOUR freedom! Watch now


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