Dangers of Wireless Radiation

Grounding your body is more urgent than ever. Why? Please consider:

Our planet is being immersed in microwave radiation like never before. Sadly and appallingly, there is virtually no safety oversight by those that are distributing electronic devices to billions of people , along with frighteningly rapid infrastructural substrate that supports this wildly untethered technology. But the deleterious effects of wireless radiation is incontrovertible.  Over 25,000 worldwide studies warn of disaster. It is happening already.  But there is hope. You can countervail this pernicious and ubiquitous presence! There ARE steps to protect yourself! Peruse our website to learn more; and do some research wherever you can. For example, oftentimes listening to a competent professional in medicine or science can help. Here is a sample to get you going on YouTube to whet your appetite: