Myths & Facts About Grounding

Since awareness of the health benefits of "Grounding" have spread around the world, fueled in part by our documentaries, we were waiting for the small number of critics or detractors to become vociferous enough to warrant addressing concerns before people are led astray by pseudo-science and unfounded theories. There is, however, a kernel of truth along with a small caveat in these misperceptions.

Each and every day, we receive inspiring messages from around the world by people whose lives have been changed dramatically by "Grounding". And as we endeavor to educate, reassure, and continue edifying research, the following email may indeed prove helpful:

I think the grounding sheet is working really well but I have only been using it for a short time so I am eager to uncover the long term benefits.  My brother in law who is an electrician and grounding skeptic has tried to put some safety fears into my mind so I am hoping to obtain some further information from you that will assist me in rebuffing his arguments.  Are you able to tell me if the grounding sheet has any in built protection from power surges or dirty power?  Perhaps you could direct me to a website or you tube video that explains the safety features.
thanks and regards,

**I smiled when I first read the above email, because it reminded me of another electrician, who was the Executive Producer of all the Grounding feature films we made. His name is Erwin HERTZ (now retired) and he was Haines, Alaska's only licensed electrician for over 50 years.

The answer to the sender's question is YES, there is an inline fuse that in, the unlikely event of a direct lightning strike or short in the building's electrical system, you would be protected. Nonetheless, would you take a shower or sit in a bathtube filled with water if lightning bolts were striking trees around your house? Probably not. Use precautionary common sense in such a rare event.

However, this person's email opens an opportunity to put the focus on a larger discussion. Am I qualified to answer your concerns and the challenges? There are a few, perhaps well meaning but insidious Disinformationalists out there on the internet and elsewhere that post wrong-headed conclusions, including, but not limited to misusing voltmeters and other gadgets to imply and discourage how connecting to the Earth under certain circumstances is possibly detrimental or deleterious.

This may be due in large part, to my own single-handed production of multiple feature documentary films on human health that unite mother nature and holistic healing. Commencing with films such as "The Gerson Miracle" , "The Beautiful Truth" , "Dying to have Known" and more recently, "The Grounded" and "Heal for Free" , the news and popularization of "Grounding" has exploded worldwide . Especially in the past couple years.

But along with the good news, there will invariably be detractors.  

Consider this:

There were/are Ph.Ds and medical doctors, physical therapists, professors, mathematicians, electricians, physicists, building biologists, wildlife biologists, botanists,  electronics technicians, explosive experts, forensics experts, philosophers, environmentalists, broadcasters, actors , models, professional athletes, musicians, moonwalking Apollo astronauts, and an ENTIRE Alaskan town that was grounded in a four year test and counting , including a local motel, that I have consulted, tested and then documented before and after with astonishing results of being "Earthed" or "Grounded".

And last but not least, even a WIDE VARIETY of plants and flowers including sunflowers and daffodils and cannabis that back up, verify, and authenticate the multiple benefits of Grounding. From earlier germination of seeds, to explosive growth and size comparisons, to far longer ( by days and even weeks) shelf life of  plants and flowers that had  cut stems in vases. Placebo effect? Doubtful. (** See related 1977 interview with famed electrical engineer T. Galen Hieronymus (1895-1988), who did the same thing as in the film but with an added twist: testing plants GROUNDED in COMPLETE DARKNESS that grew as IF THEY WERE IN SUNLIGHT and produced CHLOROPHYLL!)

And who can forget that little orphaned moose calf from "The Grounded" documentary, that made a choice to lay down ONLY where it was truly grounded in a "blind" test in an otherwise ungrounded horse trailer.

I have been a National Geographic filmmaker specializing in Natural History for 30 years. A naturalist and caretaker of orphaned Alaskan wlldlife  for almost 50 years. And an overall skeptic since I can remember.

I've approached this entire idea about Grounding with disbelief. Immediately turned myself into a test subject. And relentlessly sought out the pros and cons from the beginning. Looked for the flaws and the dangers. Tested the various points of views on "dirty electricity" and compared the amazing results of being Earthed in double -blind scientific studies at universities taking place in CITIES and urban settings with those that say it may be hazardous.

I've even considered the earthworms that slither in the dirt and the birds in the trees and the green grass and bees on the flowers in patches of nature no bigger than a tennis court smack dab in huge industrial cities that inspire naturalism and physiological calm for the humans that go there.

Isn't it amazing that life is thriving there despite theoretical "dirty electricity" ? The plants and bugs are fine.  Just like I was fine when a lightning bolt struck a tree 50 feet from where I stood barefoot as a kid in Minnesota. Dirty Electricity ?

Consider all those half naked people walking around and lying stretched across moist sands of warm ocean beaches within hundreds of feet of heavily populated unending strings of skyscraping hotels and urban sprawl as far as the eye can see along the planet's coastlines.  Certainly lots of AC power flowing there, not to mention millions of microwave frequencies ( EMF's). What about swimming pools in the tiny backyards of the affluent located mostly in urban jungles all over the world ? Dirty Electricity? Most of these people are in some way trying to answer a subconscious primal call from Mother Earth. And are in these places because it "feels good".

And totally unaware that much of that reason is REALLY because they are GROUNDED during those times !


The vast majority of people that are grounded in any way possible, no matter WHERE they are, will receive benefits that are undeniable. The results are usually marked and immediately noticeable with people that have chronic inflammation or pain. There are a few people that may experience "healing" reactions . And there may be a few people that are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and microwave frequencies emanating from cell towers, nearby power lines, smart phones, smart meters, poor wiring jobs that violated building codes creating stray voltage in your walls, etc. What I recommend for those EXTREME few, is to sleep grounded with a resource but make sure your bed is AWAY from the walls and wiring, and electric clocks and other gadgets. Further help would be to shut off the breaker(s) in your home at night when you sleep. Another consideration would be to use a ground stake outside your bedroom window, instead of plugging the grounding resource into the ground port of your outlet. And if none of this works for those extremely rare individuals, consider moving to live somewhere less polluted by electrosmog and other eco-unfriendy challenges. Live somewhere more pristine and conducive to individual mental and physical health. The old adage, "if you have your health, you have true wealth" applies.

 Just like over-the-counter or prescription drugs, there are precautions and considerations and risks. Listen to your body. And take control of your health.

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Bringing the Call of the Wild to Your Bedroom

"Jasper" the wolverine investigates Steve Kroschel's bearfoot Grounding mattress scarf before he makes his bed.

** About the Author:  Filmmaker and Naturalist Steve Kroschel, owns and operates an educational wildlife park in a remote area near Haines, Alaska. Part orphanage for Alaskan wildlife such as moose and bears , and part entertaining classroom theater for tourists and filmmakers, Steve strives to be the interpreter for wild creatures of the north that are covert messengers. They may not "speak" our language and utter words, but they communicate with a kind of gravitas that leaves no ambiguity.

We are on this planet together. And we cannot leave them behind and think that we are biologically different. We're not.

Insects and birds and mammals of every description are dropping from the sky and floating to the surface and rolling to a dead stop on the ground like never before. And our movement of technology has a blind eye to it. Our technology has abandoned our physiology.

"Ground-ED" is the condition of every, single living thing on earth. Right now. Everywhere.  The only living thing that is NOT, are human beings. And as of this moment, the majority of the human race is not Grounded. Ever.

The past two decades have brought stunning developments in technology ; but not without a downside.

The human animal is exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals in the food , air and water. The human body is now bathed in a kind of electromagnetic smog without letup from endless sources.  There is almost nowhere one can go to avoid these toxicities.

Grounded wild creatures, whether it's bees or bears, are the sentinels, the gatekeepers, and the barometers of planetary health. Including our own.

Do you want to be truly ALIVE ? Do you want to help reverse the adverse effects of your daily life ? Do you want to save yourself from pain and agony and hundreds or thousands of dollars ?

Collectively, the denizens of every forest and meadow and pond and our seas  have much to say. If only we will listen.