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This mattress panel is made of the finest quality materials for skin conductance resulting in the optimum effect in truly Grounding the body. A potential life-changing resource that will affect your physiology in a way that no diet, drug or exercise can do. Every cell in your body is affected.

We spent years researching and refining the manufacture of this sterling resource before, during and after, making three feature films on Grounding that have been seen by millions of people around the world. This mattress panel is grizzly bear tough, with the capacity of decades of durability if used and cared for correctly. (See additional details at the grounding store)

Made from surgical stainless steel, organic hemp and cotton, and also micro-silver threading, EVERY mattress panel is hand sewn by our team; and then inspected with multiple instruments by renowned Grounding spokeswoman, Laura Koniver, M.D., who personally certifies the Gold Standard of each resource's integrity with her physical STAMP of a GRIZZLY BEAR'S PAW PRINT. It is designed after the iconic "Kitty" the orphaned Alaskan Grizzly Bear that appeared in the feature film that inspired this literal "BEAR RUG"!

Bring the wilderness and the healing pulse of the Earth into YOUR bedroom, and experience what it's like to snuff out inflammation and awaken every cell in your body. To fall deeply to sleep and be revitalized. Melt away aches and pains, and REST ASSURED that what you are doing is a true medical miracle backed by research from around the world . Grounding seems to be a lost secret that only now is being discovered by modern man.

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Steve Kroschel
Filmmaker/ Naturalist and Host of the Kroschel Films Wildlife Center and home of "Kitty" the Grizzly in Haines , Alaska

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